Voa is the magazine of Montepio Mutual Association, offered quarterly to the thousands of members of the Pelcias Club until they turn 13, created by Pato Lógico.

Voa has two sides that explore one theme in different ways: one side, for younger children, and the other for older. The mascot of the Club, Pelicas, also assumes different roles, young and curious in one side and more mature and inquirer personality in the other, adapting to the diferent age groups.

The first number of VOA, dedicated to Christmas, illustrated by André Letria, won a bronze medal at the Content Marketing Awards (CMA), one of the most prestigious awards in the area, that promotes the use of content as a marketing tool.

In the following numbers, besides a few permanent sections illustrated by André Letria, other illustrators were invited to collaborate. The 2nd (Spring 2015) is dedicated to Gardens and was illustrated by Madalena Matoso. The 3rd (Summer 2015), on Oceans, was illustrated by Catarina Sobral. The 4th (Fall 2015) has illustratios by Alberto Faria dedicated to Machines. The 5th (Winter 2015)  was illustrated by Yara Kono on the theme Light. The 6th (Spring 2016) has illustrations by Bernardo P. Carvalho on People and can be adquired at any Montepio bank.