Tipos Curiosos. Pequena História das Letras

13,50 €

Year of publication: 2020

Dimensions: 21 × 27 cm

ISBN: 978-972-27275-1-8

Pages: 80

Price: 15 € (10% discount)


Text: Ricardo Henriques

Illustrations: Madalena Matoso


K, W and Y tell us the story of the letters and how we read them in print, that is, in characters. Let’s understand why the alphabet is a giant human creation and a beautiful way to communicate ideas, but also how characters have become accessible on screens all over the world, making us all, besides readers, a bit of designers. This story from A to Z has the art direction of Pato Lógico and is published in partnership with the Portuguese Official Printing Office, which launches works loaded with letters and that until 1985 made its own characters in metal.