Queen of the Air. The Iberian Imperial Eagle

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Year of publication: 2018

Dimensions: 21 x 27 cm

ISBN: 978-972-27270-6-8

Pages: 48

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Texts: Carla Maia de Almeida

Illustrations: Susa Monteiro

It is a monogamous species and lives, on average, 15 years. It is one of the rarest birds in Europe and makes nest only in some areas of the Iberian Peninsula. The book Queen of the Air. The Iberian Imperial Eagle, written by Carla Maia de Almeida, illustrated by Susa Monteiro and designed by Pato Lógico, is full of facts on this species, which until recently was considered extinct in Portugal. 

This book is part of a collection dedicated to commemorative coins, published by The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office, which aims to make the younger readers familiar with numismatics, through books on history, geography, science and nature. The sale of each copy and coin will contribute to the Trust Fund for the Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity.