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Illustrations: Ana Ventura 

Packing your suitcase and leaving might be tough, especially for someone who’s leaving because they have to, like the character in Moving, by Ana Ventura. This is a visual narrative about what gets lost and what can get found when taking a journey into the unknown is the only thing to do.  

Along the paths travelled by this book, colours function like codes. They’re symbols which situate characters and give them identity. When in the end everything is coloured, you’ve just got to share it, you’ve got a new place – a house always has to be built. 

Moving in the first person

«Moving coincides with my personal experience of leaving Portugal and moving to Belgium. The idea for the story came when, one autumn afternoon, crossing the city park in Antwerp, I picked up a leaf from the ground. I thought: “It’s changing colour, it’s adapting to a new reality”. To represent this change, I resorted to using two color, yellow and blue. 

Moving tells the story of someone who, for whatever reason, decides to leave, to go to an unknown territory in search of a better life. Leaving the comfort zone, choosing what to take and what to leave behind, the uncertainties, the enthusiasm of the adventure, the reaction of those who stay and those who welcome us are a part of a complex process of adaptation. 

This book is a metaphor for today, when all of us, whether for adventure, work, religion, war, love, family or curiosity, travel, circulate, move and mingle around the world. 

The illustrations were inspired by places, houses, stores, plants, friends and family that I get to know.»

Imagens That Count

This collection was created in 2013 as a space of total creative freedom aimed at illustrators who tell stories through their art. Among its 9 titles, it has two first prizes and three special mentions from the Portuguese Illustration Prize.