A Million Candies

13,05 €

PVP: 14,90 €


Text: Inês Fonseca Santos

Ilustrattions: Marta Monteiro

When we roll out a candy, we uncover the story of an inseparable friendship. Álvaro had never thought he would be rewarded for helping a friend, until he received, in a small tin, the list of ingredients to make medicinal candies, which became his life project.

Álvaro Matias came from a village in Almada district to work in Lisbon, where, during the Second World War, he met Dr. Bayard, the french pharmacist with whom he shared friendship and dreams.

A Million Candies, written by Inês Fonseca Santos and illustrated by Marta Monteiro, celebrates the 70th birthday of a brand that has sweetened the palates of generations, one candy at a time.