Let's Discover the National Library of Portugal

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Text: Luísa Ducla Soares

Ilustrattions: Mariana Rio

Let's Discover the National Library of Portugal, written by Luísa Ducla Soares and illustrated by Mariana Rio, showcases us the house that is a monument to reading itself and that has as many stories to tell as there are books stored in it. This book is organised in two different moments: the narratives about the course of the books and the readers (printed in four colors) and the activities to solve (printed in two colors). The soft cover invites the young crowd to deconstruct the idea of the institutional weight associated with this library. The Otabind binding allows a wide opening of the book so no-one misses any of the details of the illustrated plans. This book is published by the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office, supported by National Library of Portugal and art directed by Pato Lógico.