Humberto Delgado, the Courage of the Fearless General

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Text: José Jorge Letria

Illustrations: Richard Câmara

He had the courage to speak of freedom at a time when it was a cardinal sin. And he drew crowds when people couldn’t even gather in the corners. Inspired by the american example, Humberto Delgado, who at the beginning supported the dictatorship, became its most charismatic and fearless opponent. He went down in History as the only presidential candidate to fight at the polls and the only one who faced Salazar as never before, by saying “Obviously, I’ll fire him”. In exile, he even led some attempts to overthrow the regime, as the Santa Maria’s liner assault and the Beja military coup. But, in the end, his courage would cost him his own life... 

José Jorge Letria portraits the youngest of the Portuguese generals ever who earned the epithet of fearless. Here’s a new title from the collection Great Portuguese Lives, dedicated to important figures who stood out in various domains of our History, published in partnership between Pato Lógico and  the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office.

Great Portuguese Lives is a collection that results from a partnership between Pato Lógico and The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (INCM), and it is dedicated to the lives of important Portuguese figures, who stand out in various domains of our History