First Floor Right

13,05 €

Year of publication: 2020

Dimensions: 19,8 x 28,8 cm

ISBN: 978-989-54344-1-1

Pages: 64

Price: 14,50 € (10% discount)


Texts: Ricardo Henriques

Illustrations: Nicolau

This book is for people who enjoy people watching, just like Graça, the main character of a story told with creative colours, criminal outlines and strokes of international conspiracy. Graça suspects that her neighbour across the street is planning a robbery. True or false? Who knows? On our way, we will get to know the many lives inhabiting the building in front: the clients of Dias Coffee Shop, a musician who gives concerts to the neighbours and a misunderstood photographer, among other characters. Who is watching whom? More will be known at the end of the ongoing investigation.

The new production of Pato Lógico, directed by Ricardo Henriques (text) and Nicolau (illustrations), is slightly inspired on the film Rear Window, with James Stewart and Grace Kelly, directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1954. The most curious readers will be able to find in First Floor Right creative restlessness and a tribute to Hal Pereira, Hitchcock’s arte director.