Almada Negreiros. Long Live Almada, Pim!

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Text: José Jorge Letira

Illustrations: Tiago Albuquerque

This is the biography of one of the most talented Portuguese artists, Almada Negreiros, and one of the first titles from the collection Portuguese Great Lives, published by Pato Lógico in partnership with The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (INCM).

There are, after all, those who are born with such talent for everything that others look small, timid and clumsy. (...) Ah, great Almada of our fantasy, child born on S. Thomas day, with the all world to invent. Dancer, poet, do-it-all, harlequin, genious paintor, matchless novelist, Almada, loved by the art that adopts him and sees him great and sanctified.