Alfredo Keil. Our Country First

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Text: José Fanha

Illustrations: Susana Carvalhinhos

This is the biography of the Portuguese anthem's composer, Alfredo Keil, and one of the first titles from the collection Portuguese Great Lives, published by Pato Lógico in partnership with The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (INCM).

Many times artistic plays escape the hand of its creator when he presents them to the public and so they follow their own unexpected path. The Portuguese was created just after the British Ultimatum, part of a play at Condes' Theatre and right there the public went to the streets, singing it, and the march popularized and spread like wildfire. The popularity of the anthem was such that the lyrics and music sheet were reproduced in cann labels for crackers and sardines, soap wrapings, cigar boxes and other commercial packages.