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Illustrations: Nani Brunini

Disagreement is a visual narrative on the polarisation of opinions in the modern world and the necessity of building bridges of understanding that will helps us to live in community.

It all starts with a small disagreement, that increases volume in a deafening climb, gathering uncompromising supporters on both sides, until it becomes an insoluble dispute with no withstanding arguments.

Is the winner the one who shouts the loudest, or are they all losers?

Disagreement is a book for those who are tired of screaming.

In the words of the author:

Before moving to Portugal, three years ago, I lived in San Francisco, USA. As a Brasilian, I witness closely the transitions to Trump and Bolsonaro. Having lived in London, I couldn’t escape Brexit either. I saw many people breaking longtime friendships and drifting away from their family because of political quarrels. It was impossible to escape this subject, from social media to conversations with a taxi driver. The idea of the book came from this discomfort I felt, especially after realising that my own family, other people I cared dearly and whose opinions I respected, and myself were on opposite sides.

In 2020, Nani Brunini was invited to publish Disagreement, her first book, as a result of the course taken at Ar.Co, taught by Catarina Sobral and Tiago Guerreiro, with the orientation of André Letria, publisher of Pato Lógico. One of the exercises was to create a visual narrative for the collection of silent books Images That Count.

Imagens That Count

This collection was created in 2013 as a space of total creative freedom aimed at illustrators who tell stories through their art. Among its 9 titles, it has two first prizes and three special mentions from the Portuguese Illustration Prize.