Pato Lógico is an editorial animal that makes books with legs to walk, wings to fly and ideas to flip.

São Paulo

The illustrator Andrés Sandoval shows us the nooks and crannies of the largest Brazilian city.  


It arises like a whispered disease and builds on hate, ambition and fear. It cannot hear nor see, still less feel; though, it crushes and silences.

The Cloud

One day, the wind vanished into thin air and a cloud set in the sky, right above a road. And there it stood, absolutely still, day in day out...

So Grown Up

There was once an ever-growing girl. She grew so much that, at a certain point, it turned into a problem... 


A series of events launches a man into the jungle, the space, the sea, through islands and volcanos, until the moment he reaches a strange house in the desert... 


Antónia Ferreira, the landscape designer

Empresária numa época em que o negócio era território praticamente exclusivo dos homens, herdou o apelido e as vinhas do pai, mas o nome Ferreira foi mais longe pela sua dedicação ao Vinho do Porto.

Marquise of Alorna, dear Leonor

Marquise of Alorna was born in Lisbon in 1750. In spite of the tragedies of her childhood and youth, Leonor became an influent patroness of the arts, signing her poems as Alcipe.


Manuel Marsol, a Madrilenian illustrator, shows us his city, while revealing a little bit about his own story.


Ana Seixas, a Portuguese illustrator born in Viseu, shows us a very personal way to know her city.

Shadows 2nd edition

Second edition of the book, with the format of 19,5 cm x 25 cm. Have you ever noticed that your shadow has a life of its own? 


There are machines that stuck us on the couch for hours and others that transport us from home to work. In a machine-dependent world, a boy receives from his grandfather a different machine...

José Saramago, Man-River

José Saramago, Literature Nobel Prixe, was Saramago-boy, Saramago-teenager, Saramago-adult and Man-River. He was multiple as only an author knows how.



Marcus Oakley is a British illustrator who currently lives in Edinburgh. Find out more about this city through his eyes.


Susa Monteiro is a Portuguese illustrator who has always lived in Beja, a small city in the heart of Alentejo region.


Tintim’s rocketship, a drum that plays offbeat, an elephant with stripes, a spinnig top that’s lazy, a robot looking crazy… There are loads and loads of toys filling a room...


A man is influenced by the inexorable passage of time, while leaves fall from a tree. Sitting in a garden bench, he does not act, but thinks. In what?


The end of the road is the beginning of a new path. But there are obstacles to cross over. What will this eskimo, who does not resign to what he knows of the world, do?

Mind the medication

We do not take medications only when we are sick. We also use them in order to prevent disease, thereby improving our well-being and quality of life.

The diabetes island

Diabetes is a very common disease. Maybe someone in your family, or even you, deal with it daily. It's no big deal!

I want my head!

Céu is a little girl that loves to ride her swing. One day, when her father calls her home, she says “No” so hard that her head jumps off and flies away.

Theatre - actividary

This Theatre is born back there, on the backstage of history. It is Portuguese, with Greek origins, and speaks French, oh lá-lá, Molière, avant-scène, scaramouche.


He wants to dance, but his body does not comply; she is light and sways. He is restrained and straight; she is relaxed and soars with the rhythm. 


A fisherman sails to the sea in another fishing expedition with his faithful friend. The waves, that looked calm at first, grow bigger, from the deep sea monsters emerge, lightnings fall from the sky.

Whale's belly

Sari is a 4 years-old girl with sleepy parents. One morning, tired of waiting for them to wake up, she decides to leave the house alone and run to the beach to find her friend Azur.


An empty man wanders around the city, collecting things to fill in his void but nothing stays for long. Doctors don’t know what is wrong with the pacient.


A boy gets a china piggy bank with a slot on the back to be fed with capital. With the love and tenderness the boy devotes to the pig, it rapidly grows into an obese animal...


A collection of close encouters between animals and day-to-day objects or other natural elements, resulting in fantastic metaforical beeings. 


Have you ever noticed that your shadow has a life of its own? Shadows is a wordless story about charismatic shadows looking for its own destiny.

Sea - actividary

If our planet has more sea than earth, then why don’t we call it planet Sea?
Probably we won’t be able to change the dictionaries and geography books but here is our tribute

If I were a book

A book isn’t just a collection of printed sheets, grouped in an orderly way. The whole world hides inside a book. All you have to do is unfold it.


Nuisance is an annoying fly. It flies from the left and flies to the right. It flies straight, in circles, up and down, always buzzing. Until something unexpected happens.


A man looking at the horizon thinks about his destiny. What will happen to him? Page by page there’s a small story to unveil until the final surprise. 

Face to face

With a simple turn of the page, unusual names are combined with different expressions, haircuts, beards or mustaches.

Going to the match

This is a book about family and the sharing of experiences lived between generations. A father and a son take a journey from their home to the stadium in a Benfica match day.


A Strambolic is a strange and shy creature. A Strambolic does not wander about in the streets. It can only be found in secluded and unreachable places.