Roger Ycaza

Roger Ycaza was born in Ambato in 1977. He is an illustrator, musician and loves to cook. He collaborated in several children’s books, having written and illustrated his own stories. Of note are The Dreadlocks (GatoMalo), The Rare Days (FCE), What do the days have? (The happy herrata), Vueltas by the universe (Deidayvuelta) and Abril and Moncho (Loqueleo). His works have been published in more than fifteen countries and awarded nationally and internationally. He received a Mention of Honor Iberoamérica Ilustra (2014), The White Ravens (2016) and Juan León Mera Distinction to the artistic trajectory (2017). Together with his previous bands, Mamá Vudú and Mundos, he released several albums. He is currently working on his new musical project, Frailejones. He is also a founding member of the publisher Deidayvuelta.