Ricardo Henriques

Born in Lisbon, Ricardo Henriques inherited the taste for drawing from his father and the joy of writting from his mother. Unable to chose one of this passions, he did graphic design, illustration, copywriting and writting for press. When, together with friends, he interviewed and portrayed people with two faces - 2 Faces Project - and created a incorrupt politician - President Honest - he increased abundantly his gross domestic happiness. He is the editor of two magazines, one for adults and another for children, an writes trifles and reports. In 2012 he published, with André Letria, the book Sea, which was turned into an exhibition at the Bogotá International Book Fair in 2013 and was given a non-fiction mention at the BolognaRagazzi Awards given at the Bologna Book Fair. 

Ricardo Henriques is the author of Sea and Theatre, from the collection Actividaries.