José Fanha

José Fanha was born in Lisbon and has a degree in architecture. Poet and reciter, he participated in thousands of sessions of cultural animation, along with a group called Badaleiros, in which participated José Afonso, Adriano Correia de Oliveira, Francisco Fanhais, Manuel Freire, José Jorge Letria, Carlos Alberto Moniz, Fausto among others. He is an author of stories and poetry for children, a playwriter and dramaturg, lyrics and radio text composer, screenwriter for cinema and television. He directed writting and poetry workshops besides developing enourmous work for the promotion of poertry, the book and reading at schools and libraries all over the country.

José Fanha is the author of Alfredo Keil, our country first, from the collection Great Portuguese lives, a co-edition Pato Lógico/INCM.