War wins Junceda International Award

There are wars that last 100 years. Ours took 4, from the idea to the bookshop. There are soldiers that win medals, homages and memorials. Ours keeps winnig awards all over the world. But while the first eradicates thought, ours plant ideas.

A Guerra (War), by José Jorge Letria and André Letria, is a book with a bitter taste, hard to swallow. The ambiance is charged with angst, the story told is raw and honest. It is not an easy or obvious book. It is necessary. Maybe that is why it as undeniably conquered the critics.

To the 8 distintions already won, since its publication in March 2018, we now add Junceda Award, in the international category, given by the Professional Association of Illustrators from Cataluña, since 2003. The jury gave the award to André Letria, for the emotion it awakens and his the strong but poetic style.

The illustrator Martina Manyã recieved the award for the author.

*Distintions: Bologna Book Fair 2019 (Illustrators Exhibition), Little Hakka 2018 (Best of the best), Nami Concours 2019 (Grand Prix), New York Rights' Fair Talking Pictures Award 2019, Communication Arts 2019 Annual (Excellence Award), Sharjah Exhibition 2018, The White Ravens 2018, PNL2027 (Portuguese reading program)