Pato Lógico is nominated for the BOP 2020

Pato Lógico is nominated for the BOP, the Bologna Children's Book Fair award for the Best Publisher of the Year, given to one publishing house of each geographical areas: Europe, Asia, North America, Central and South America, Africa and Oceania. 

This award, created in 2013, recognizes the work developed by the best publishers of books for children through a voting made by the publishing houses participating at BCBF.

Although the 2020 edition was canceled in its usual format, the organization is presenting a digital alternative, through a virtual platform which will allow publishers to connect and showcase exhibitions. The BOP award will be presented at the inauguration of this platform, on May 4th.

Planeta Tangerina won the first edition and Orfeu Negro won last year. Pato Lógico was nominated once in 2016. These awards and nominations prove the quality of the work being done by independent children's book publishing houses in Portugal.